When we walk into ou

When we walk into our campus, we will see three huge stones standing on the campus, each engraved with three words: "There is a happy place called school", "I am confident, I am successful, I am happy", "This is A school without failure." This is the idea of ??running a school for successful education in our school Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa. Every time I pass the boulder, the words always cause me to ponder. Is my class happy? Can the class let the students experience the joy of success? How can students experience more success and happiness? Some people may ��this is a school without failure�� and disapprove of this sentence, even Suspicion, irony, and sarcasm. Even the students in our class think that this is a bragging, but I firmly believe that because I have seen the secret of success, people who visit our school may not be able to see it. If our students don��t pay attention, You will find that because the secret of success is hidden behind the boulders. That is "autonomous, happy learning, thick accumulation, and thoughtful thinking." Although there are only eight words, it has profound meaning. People only pay attention to the result of the glory of "success", but they ignore the success. These eight words tell us how to succeed in two ways: one is attitude and the other is method. As long as you can actively and happily learn, through the accumulation of thoughts, you will be on the road to success. Now, what do you think about the phrase "This is a school without failure", the words "self-reliance, music, accumulation, and thoughts" are prompting me to think about how to make students do this. Words, step by step to lead them to the road to success, further improve the students' enthusiasm for learning. For example, when learning the poem of Guo Moruo's "The Market in the Sky", let the students read aloud, how can they get rid of the shadow of "singing and reading" At this time, I put up the recording, the music is recited, and the emotions and rhythms are fully grasped. The students feel that they are not addicted Cheapest Newports Cigarettes, and they are called again and again. Like "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is a foreign classic, some students I don't want to read it. I use multimedia to watch movies first, and then go to school. It is also a taste. This is probably what Confucius said, "Those who know are not as good as those who are good, those who are better than those who are happy." "Success is the mother of success!" I encourage students to actively participate in the classroom in the classroom, seize every opportunity to praise students, give them positive motivation. For example, they can put them on their homework books and weekly books. The expectations that have been achieved, such as "eliminating failing" Cheap Newport 100, "trying hard, rushing into excellence", etc., so that they will never lose the enterprising heart, how can they achieve "thickness"? My understanding is extensive accumulation, Expanding the knowledge. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat, in order to lay a solid foundation. For this, I give the students two sentences: one sentence is "language is not a day's work, language can not be a dayless"; one sentence is "simple things to repeat Do, you are an expert; repeat things with your heart, you are the winner." As for "exquisite thinking", I want to be familiar with the ingenuity Marlboro Red 100 Carton, the ancients said well: "Reading a hundred times, its righteousness." "There are more readings, and the truth is naturally understood. When you read, you must do three things: you have to think hard, you have to look carefully, your mouth should read aloud. Repeat chewing, and deeply understand the purpose of the book. Of course, these eight The meaning of the words has yet to be further considered in the future teaching, but I think that as long as you can chew and practice these eight words, you are not far from success Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. Are you saying yes? In a word, success lies behind your back. Work hard
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