Animal Crossing: 5 Missing Characters

There are many characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and players have several best NPCs in their hearts. But the update of the game is always in progress. They are not currencies like Animal Crossing Bells or Nook Miles, nor are they an item, so they occasionally get lost.


While Rover's role has varied during the entire Animal Crossing games, he most frequently helps players build their characters. In doing this, he asks questions that really help determine a player's gender, name, town name, and time zone. Though Rover is simple to speak with, New Horizons players are yet to discover the opportunity. The Bookings assist the player to customize their character and town rather than this crazy cat.


In early Animal Crossing games, Tortimer headed within the town as mayor. In New Leaf, Tortmier decides to retire which enables it to instead remain visible enjoying life on Tortimer Island. Unfortunately in New Horizons, he is apparently missing. While some fans have theorized that Tortimer has died, this hasn't been confirmed by Nintendo. Nevertheless, there aren't many roles left for him to satisfy.


The Animal Crossing Post Office was run by the cute pelican named Pelly within the original Game Cube installment and New Leaf. In Wild World and City Folk, she worked as being a clerk at Town Hall. While Pelly found a method to stay busy in most of these games, she doesn't a great deal of job left in New Horizons.

Postcard sending is actually possible for the airport, eliminating the requirement of a Post Office. Additionally, Isabelle and Tom Nook are who stay busy running Town Hall. Also noticeably absent is Pelly’s sister, Phyllis, and her love interest, Pete.


Kapp'n is recognized for offering various transportation services during the entire Animal Crossing series. While he is oftentimes found rowing a vessel, he's got also been spotted acting as being a taxi driver along with a bus driver. However, this singing sea turtle is yet to create an appearance in New Horizons.

Because Orville and Wilbur have replaced water transportation with Dodo Airlines, Kapp’n is not really required to visit between destinations.


Brewster first appeared in Wild World, where he exposed and ran a cafe known as The Roost. He continued to do this inside other installments, however, he or she is nowhere found in New Horizons.

Some fans have realized villager dialogue that hints at the popular pigeon, prompting fans to invest that Brewster may be added in an update. This is not confirmed.

Just like Animal Crossing Bells are not there when they are used up, these characters are gradually replaced during use. However, we cannot guarantee that they will return and be re-applied by the designer in the next update. Just like Buy ACNH Bells, they will come back when appropriate or inadvertently to help you.

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