What micromotor knowledge you don't know?(1)

Micro motor (small and special electrical machine) is a small and special electrical machine with a small volume, a power generally below a few hundred watts, and a unique motor with main purpose, performance and natural environmental standards. The full name is a small special motor, commonly known as a micro motor. It is commonly used in automatic control systems to maintain the functions of inspection, calculation, enlargement, implementation or transformation of electromechanical engineering data signals or kinetic energy, or used to drive system mechanical equipment loads, and can also be used as AC and DC voltage regulators for machinery and equipment power supply.
Micro motor product overview
Types of
There are many types of micro motors, which can be roughly divided into DC motors, AC motors, auto-angle motors, DC servo motors, resolvers, shaft angle servo motors, AC and DC power dual-purpose motors, speed-limiting generators, induction synchronizers, 13 categories such as parallel wire motors, piezoresistive motors, motor generator sets, and other special motors.
The motor is a reversible synchronous motor composed of a rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor and a built-in reducer. It has the advantages of large torque, low noise, small size, light weight, convenient use, and constant frequency operation. It can be matched with various speed reductions. In order to achieve the purpose of changing the output rate and torque.
Structure classification
The structure types of micro motors can be roughly divided into three categories:
The basic structure is similar to a general motor, including motor stator, motor rotor, synchronous motor winding, carbon brush and other components, but the structure is extremely compact.
There are two common types: the composition of the various micromotors; the composition of the micromotors and electronic circuits. For example, the composition of the DC motor and the controller, the composition of the X-direction and Y-direction parallel line motor, etc.
The appearance design structure is the same as the inductive type. For example, the rotating product is made into a cylindrical shape, and the parallel line product is made into a square, but the internal structure is quite different because of its different principles.
Application category
Food equipment, textile equipment, medical machinery, smart doors and windows, surveillance pan/tilt cameras, light box advertisements, electrical products, heating and air conditioning fan pages, electric actuator control, etc. All small output power constant speed ratio high torque machinery and equipment.
The main purpose
Micro motors are mainly used in three industries:
①The drive place without unique operating regulations is used as the power device of the fitness equipment load.
② Audio and video products machinery and equipment. For example, in a cassette camcorder, the micro motor is not only an important component of the drum component, but also a key component of the core shaft drive, the automatic loading of the tape cassette and the tape cassette and the tape tension control.
③ Office system machinery and equipment, electronic computer peripheral equipment and industrial production automation machinery. Such as disk drives, printers, CNC lathes, intelligent robots, etc., all use micro-motors.
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