Brief description of plastic gearbox reduction motor

Plastic gearbox reduction motors are used in various fields to show relative driving force and speed for this industrial equipment. Its key function is to say four words: speed reduction and power increase.
The use of plastic gearbox reduction motors is very common. It is a common electromechanical equipment in practical and automated industrial equipment, especially in packaging equipment, printing equipment, color box packaging machinery and equipment, small and medium-sized production lines, conveyor belts, and conveyor belts. , Instrumentation, automatic machinery, film cutting and punching machine, screen printing ink pad printing machine, slitting machine, food equipment, chemical plant, textile equipment.
The effect of the plastic gearbox deceleration motor capacitor on the small toy motor: When the rotor of the deceleration motor in the small toy rotates, the current of the motor rotor is the switching power supply is touched by the carbon brush and commutator, and the supply and demand balance the winding resistance of the motor rotor. During work, there is a flame on point contact, which will cause radio waves. Connecting capacitors means to eliminate or reduce interference signals. Generally, there is no need to connect electrolytic capacitors with such a large value as 100uf/10v in series, but only need to connect 103-104 non-optical capacitors in parallel. But even if a large-capacity capacitor is connected in parallel, if everything is normal, the battery will only be charged in an instant, and it will not be easy to take more than ten minutes before everything turns normally. Remove this capacitor and add an electrical test to see if the situation has changed. If everything becomes normal, the electrolytic capacitor will be seriously discharged or the optical rotation is wrong. If it is still abnormal, the problem lies in the motor itself. The motor can be disassembled and inspected. Are oil-impregnated bearings, commutators and carbon brushes normal?
The plastic gearbox reduction motor is a reduction motor that uses a plastic gearbox. Its reducer uses plastic as the raw material. It is different from the previous metal material gearbox reduction motor. The application of the plastic gearbox reduction motor is very Generally, people can see its back in common children's toys and plastic motor crafts.
Plastic gearbox reduction motor operation process standard
The key of the plastic gearbox reduction motor is to reduce the speed of a series of gears, thereby causing a greater torque. Although the raw materials are different, the basic principle is consistent with the basic principle of general reduction motors.
The key element of the technical improvement of the plastic gearbox reduction motor
The perfection of basic knowledge of gearbox reduction motors, such as the calculation method of gear compressive strength, the technicality of gear renewal and transformation, the calculation of gear deformation, the method of gear reliability design, and the smooth connection of gear teeth have long become a perfect company. The quality of various plastic gearboxes has been improved very well, and the overall design makes the life of the plastic gearbox reduction motor longer.
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